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1057051 (hardfork v18) 1526881 15000 OXEN 100% 21.9 hours (658 blocks) 10.4.1 0:37:07 ago 2 / 2 0 / 0 (none) Unknown

Service Node Status

Decommissioned: this service node is registered and staked, but is currently decommissioned (since block 1526881) for failing to meet service node requirements. If it does not return to active duty within 658 blocks (about 21.9 hours) it will face deregistration.

This service node is staking infinitely: no unlock has been initiated by any of its contributors.

1 Contributor

Contributor Amount Reserved
LCXdAJyDjmeNsGfFmprX5HVqcpDJZ7vbmi25Fsc8mfDHBvcQhMqWtWq36uUSZn1SYAFLHxnQhgnpfXPsrjaY578vQwUdRK3 15000 OXEN 15000 OXEN
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